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Heuristics: Mental Short Cuts

By: Shiraz Cohen Grad
Imagine a parallel universe, where there are no time limits; people are able to make decisions in their own carefree environment; they can think and understand each possible alternative without negative implications. While this would be a much better world, but it is not reality. Time is ever shrinking and we need […]

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The Power of a Powerful Opening

A presentation does not take off like an airplane does
By: Ariel Halevi
Take off take time.  The plane starts by moving slowly, and gradually picks up speed, until it can actually lift off the ground.  Sadly, presentations that try to take off this way are likely to leave a weak impression on the audience, with many of […]

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How to Build a Powerful Opening

By: Ariel Halevi
Your very first moments with your audience set the tone for the entire presentation. These are the moments during which your audience members try and figure out if they’re in for an interesting and worthwhile presentation or yet another boring, life draining presentation.
That’s why we call these first moments your “Grace Period”.
Think about it […]

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Time is of the Essence

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, managed to surprise other government ministers when he showed up at the weekly government meeting with a stopwatch. The ministers soon discovered they had no more than 3 minutes to present their agendas.

This scenario demonstrates a basic assumption that we tend to agree with: It’s possible and even preferable to […]

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VAYOMAR Launches its Innovation Program at Medtronic

VAYOMAR launched its innovation program at Medtronic Jerusalem in an amazing kick-off event – “InnoPulse”.
The event, which took place in Mini-Israel, included of a time tunnel leading to the future of Medtronic, different stations representing innovation in medicine, sports, food and even the bible, a guest lecture about innovation in the era of social media […]

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VAYOMAR at Tebeka

VAYOMAR visited the staff of Tebeka- Advocacy for Equality and Justice for Ethiopian Israelis and gave a lecture about communication as a means to promote social causes. We hope Tebeka will benefit from the tools we provided in their very important work.

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Merage Foundation's 45+ Entrepreneurs' Competition

We were excited to take part in Merage Foundation’s 45+ Entrepreneurs’ Competition, which was held yesterday in Tel Aviv. The competition was aimed to encourage and support entrepreneurs over the age of 45 to develop unique ideas/projects/ventures/technologies into a promising successful business. The winner was awarded with initial financing in the amount of $100,000, and further professional mentoring and […]

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Could you be a little MORE

By: Shiraz Cohen Grad
When Amy Cuddy was teaching at the Harvard Business School, she noticed a disturbing pattern; her female students were continuously scoring lower grades than her male students. Being an acclaimed social psychologist, she suspected something other than objective cognitive or verbal abilities were causing this gender academic gap. The final grade in […]

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Making an Effective First Impression

You wouldn’t dream about going on a blind date without preparing yourself, wouldn’t you? You’ll get information from every available social network, and if possible from your contact person, and finally, you’ll get dressed and make sure you look effortlessly perfect. And yet, what seems so obvious when it’s meant to attract potential relationships in our personal […]

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The Power of Business Storytelling : Part 2

Now that we’ve established what Business Storytelling is and why it can benefit your business, it’s time to focus on the how: how do I effectively tell my story?
3 models for building a business story
Not all people naturally tell a story like the brothers Grimm, and not all audiences are reachable through only a story. Think […]

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